US Nominates War College Grad as Ambassador to Thailand

May 2, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - There are two kinds of "ambassadors" the US employs across the globe to project its unwarranted power and influence beyond its borders. One is a friendly face covert subversion and manipulation can hide behind, the other is a strong voice that subversion and manipulation can openly rally around.

Thailand had previously hosted the wildly unpopular Kristie Kenney, who while serving as US Ambassador to Thailand from 2010 to 2014 feigned profound ignorance to all that unfolded around her, including US-support for the proxy regime of mass murderer and convicted criminal Thaksin Shinawatra. During her tenure, from 2013-2014, Shinawatra's proxy regime, headed by his own sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, employed heavily armed terrorists who mass murdered nearly 30 and maimed over 800 in a series of pistol, grenade, M16, AK47, and M79 attacks.

Kenney remained muted and ambiguous about condemning the violence, openly carried out by the regime which both she and the special interests she represents defended vigorously as the "democratically elected" and "legitimate" government of Thailand. Her inability to more overtly take the side of the regime and its terroristic supporters, or condemn the violence, made her and the nation she represented reviled by both sides.

The military coup that swept the Shianwatra regime from power in May 2014 and put an end to nationwide terrorism it was carrying out saw Kenney leave her post and leave the position of US Ambassador to Thailand vacant.

During the interim, the US State Department would make various demands that the military-led government "return power" to what it called "civilian rule." Decoded, this message means returning convicted criminal Thaksin Shinawatra to power either directly or through the installation of one of his nepotist proxies.

The military has resisted these calls, understanding that Thailand cannot afford to allow a convicted criminal to run the country from a hotel room in Dubai, where Thaksin Shinawatra has fled since being convicted of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison. And because of the Thai military's refusal to allow the US to dictate Thailand's destiny indirectly behind the guise of "democracy," it appears the US is gearing up for a more direct and "muscular" attempt to influence Thailand's political landscape.

Burying The Greatest Victory in Spite

April 29, 2015 (Ulson Gunnar - NEO) - In efforts to demonize Russia, the history of the Western World is being distastefully rewritten. The monumental sacrifices of the Russian people during World War II are not only being marginalized, but flipped upon their heads. Today, reading through the Western media, one will find a multitude of comparisons between Russia and Nazi Germany, with Russian President Vladimir Putin compared with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Beyond distasteful, this propaganda is dangerous to the point where it borders on exonerating the Nazis, even celebrating their acts of aggression and bolstering those monkeying their ideology today, particularly in Ukraine, Poland and other NATO-oriented Eastern European nations where fascism has been resurrected to once again battle the Russian people.

The most recent example of this can be seen in an ABC News article "Polish Border Guards Refuse Entry for 10 Russian Bikers," where Russian bikers planned to trace the route of Russian soldiers as they pushed back the Nazi tide in World War 2. Their goal was to visit the grave sites of fallen Russian soldiers (which includes many Polish soldiers who fought alongside them) and honor the sacrifices of tens of millions who resisted and eventually ended fascism in Europe. 

Politically Motivated Exclusion: Western Free Speech?  

The ABC News article admits that Poland has been unable to explain precisely why the Russian bikers were barred from entering the country. No weapons were found and no danger was described. Instead, ABC claimed:
"This is not a normal bike club. They are tools in the hand of Vladimir Putin to make propaganda," said Tomasz Czuwara, spokesman for the Open Dialog Foundation, a Polish group that supports Ukraine. 

The German government has also expressed unease at the bikers and said they would not be welcome. 

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer said that Germany had decided to revoke the Schengen visas of a small number of people after the government concluded that "there are some people we believe to be in the leadership of the Night Wolves who we do not believe are pursuing a legitimate aim with their actions in Germany."
Reminding the world of the dangers of fascism and extraterritorial military aggression is particularly inconvenient for the West, particularly NATO and especially the current political orders occupying power in Poland, Ukraine and even Germany. Reminding the world of the gradual encirclement and eventual invasion of Russia during World War 2 would make NATO's current encirclement and encroachment along Russia's borders look painfully familiar and could make NATO's already unpopular agenda even more untenable. 

American Politics: A House of Mirrors

April 25, 2015 (Ulson Gunnar - NEO) - A house of mirrors is an immersive, highly distorted and intentionally confusing version of reality. Those walking its corridors are sometimes amused and sometimes frightened by the disorienting experience, but luckily for them, it is only temporary. There is an exit, and they will walk through it, back to reality.

But what if one existed their entire lives in such a distorted reality and knew of no exits? Would they convince themselves that these distorted images reflected back at them were in fact reality no matter how unnatural they appeared? Could they convince themselves to enjoy and even embrace this distorted reality?

One ponders such questions when looking from the outside-in on American politics. It too is a house of mirrors reflecting back a reality entirely distorted. Also like a house of mirrors, American politics have been intentionally constructed this way, to confuse, disorient and even frighten the American people when necessary to exercise mass persuasion over them. The final result is perpetual impunity granted to the powers that truly be, hiding behind the powers that allegedly were "elected," and powers whose authority only exists in this house of mirrors and no further.

New Leaders, Old Wars 

Consider US President George Bush Sr. He launched the inaugural war of what he himself called a "New World Order." Operation Desert Storm included multiple nations comprising of nearly a million soldiers who swept from the map one of the largest conventional armies (4th largest) in the world. Bush Sr., however, paused just ahead of sweeping the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein from power. His successor, US President William Jefferson Clinton would keep Iraq subdued with periodic bombing campaigns and the imposition of both crippling sanctions and no-fly zones in the north and south of Iraq.

US Training Nazis, Western Media Providing Cover

April 22, 2015 (Eric Draitser - NEO) - It has become a popular position both in the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, and among those on the Russophobic left, to downplay the significant fascist influence on the political and military institutions, as well as the cultural character of the “New Ukraine.” Quite often, the reality of Ukrainian fascism is obscured by vague assertions that such conclusions are merely “Russian propaganda,” that they are simply Kremlin talking points, and not statements of objective reality.

Indeed, influential political figures such as the ever-hilarious John McCain and Jen Psaki, and global media brands like The Guardian and FOX, have all rushed to the nearest camera or twitter account to proclaim that Ukraine is “free” and that we should “stand united” with it. Carefully embedded in these pleas is the notion that Ukraine is democratic, and that whatever “ultra-nationalists” – coded language for fascists and Nazis – exist, are merely a marginal influence at best.

Such vacuous statements belie the inescapable fact that Nazis make up an important strata of both the political and military establishment. Moreover, they are intended to provide cover for US policy which provides these elements with the support they need to both influence the political development of the country, and prosecute its illegal war against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk.

At issue is not whether everyone in Ukraine is a Nazi, as that is an absurd argument that no one is really making. Rather, the question has to do with precisely which individuals and factions that are unmistakably fascist are being supported, directly or indirectly, by the US and its allies. More to the point, which of the US-backed Nazi elements are integral to the continued illegal war against the East, and which figure prominently in the future trajectory of the Ukrainian state.

Arming Nazis to Fight for “Democracy”

The war in Ukraine is being prosecuted by the US-backed government in Kiev using all available means. While of course the regular Ukrainian military forces (also armed and trained by the US) are fighting this war, alongside them, and in concert with them, are outright Nazi elements who, like their regular army brethren, are receiving direct support from Washington.

West's Propaganda War on Thailand's Economy Ends in Bombing

April 21, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) For months after the 2014 military coup that ousted Thaksin Shinawatra's sister, Yingluck Shinawatra from office in Southeast Asia's nation of Thailand, the West has attempted to destabilize and undermine the military-led government that has since then worked ceaselessly to uproot the political machine that had granted the Shinawatra's impunity and maintained their grip on power for over a decade.

Amid this effort, the West, including both their influential media networks and lobbying firms, is a concerted attack on Thailand's tourism industry. The UK Daily Mail has particularly rolled over for lobbyists in their bid to see Shinawatra returned to power, and has ceaselessly attacked Thailand along any and all fronts with a storm of outrageous propaganda.

In regards to Thailand's tourism in particular, the Daily Mail would actually publish an article titled, "Thailand 'one of the most dangerous tourist destinations on Earth': Expat investigation lifts lid on dark side of the Land of Smiles."

The book is written by a bitter expat who is empty-handed in terms of facts. The report merely consists of the daily propaganda produced by Western media networks condensed into a book. Despite the outrageous title of their article, the Daily Mail was only able to cite a double murder of two British tourists, intentionally blown out of proportion by Western networks in their bid to paint Thailand as a dangerous, failed state in the wake of the military coup.

The Daily Mail even includes a picture of soldiers on the streets of Bangkok and claims:
As well as the murder of British backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in mid-September, there was a bloody military coup in Thailand in May. 
In fact, not a single shot was fired, no one was hurt, nor even threatened with violence, let alone killed. The military coup in May 2014 unfolded without incident, except for raids across the country in order to disarm and dismantle Shinawatra's armed terrorists who, up until the coup, were killing protesters in the streets - with nearly 30 deaths and over 800 injured. Coincidentally, the Daily Mail's "hard hitting" reportage appeared temporarily on hiatus during that violence, either apologizing for the murder and mayhem, or pretending it wasn't happening at all.